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I had a great opportunity to travel with“ China Expedition Tours" with friends and teachers. Compared to other travel agency,we find that it had a lower price and the service here is wonderful with the tour guide have had a warm welcome and knowledgeable explanation about the local plac

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Around Midnight, a group of ‘night-owls ‘ in Guangzhou are out on time, they’re going to fill to the full of their greedy desire before falling asleep. Perhaps these foodies give new life to the Guangzhou midnight snack, thus Guangzhou nights start from 9:00pm until 5:00am. Late N

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As winter approaches, mountain hiking has become an option for winter exploration activities. Be sure to include a camera in your backpack and step into the snow-covered fairyland, you won't regret it. 1. Mount Everest,the world's highest peak,located in the Mahalangur section of the Himalaya

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The scenery in Guilin is the best under heaven. What’s more, Guilin is also famous for the Osmanthus. There’re sweet-scented osmanthus trees throughout the city, between each October, all city’s surrounded by fragrant, from which adds some fun to your Guilin tour. In order to have

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No one could tell the exact numbers of hutongs in Beijing. Numerous hutongs, broad or narrow, long or short, intertwined in the city of Beijing. It is no exaggeration to regard the culture of Hutongs as the culture of Beijing. Beijingers’ deep feelings to hutongs come from their love of famil

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Gansu: Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake, Dunhuang (甘肃省敦煌市鸣沙山和月牙泉) This isn't a mirage -- it’s a real scene found in the vast Gobi desert in northwest China. Echoing Sand Mountain is a series of dunes surrounding Crescent Lake. Named for its distinctive shape and aural c

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Henan: Longtan Valley (河南龙潭大峡谷) Nope, you're not in Utah. It's Henan. This 12-kilometer, U-shaped valley marked by a stripe of purplish red quartz sandstone has earned the name, “The No.1 Valley of Narrow Gorges in China." Its steep cliffs, lush vegetation and jagged valley at

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It is no fresh that when talk about China, we think of these great man-made attractions: the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an, Shanghai's skyscraper forest in Pudong… What’s surprising is that how relatively few people outside China appreciate the extent of t

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There is an old saying in Chinese culture like this: food is the paramount necessity of the people. This notion is the most important and essential idea in Chinese civilization life. Chinese nation has been advocating it for thousands of years to create a very splendid food culture. Here is a brie

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