Fond memories in Guilin with my family

Our guide speak wonderful English, he's very kind, helpful and extremely polite, we have fond memories of him as our guide in Guilin. The Aroma Tea House is very beautiful by the lake,we really enjoy it.Anyway, we had so much fun on this trip!!

From : Enzo Esposito
Updated :06/29/2018
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Enjoyable trip at the Yellow Mountain

My daughters and I went to Shanghai to attend an Expo,thus we had limited time for sightseeing. My daughters wanted to see the mountains of Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) and the ancient village of Hongcun. Our only available days were April 30 to May 2, which unfortunately is a long holiday in China thus a lot of Chinese were expected to visit these very popular tourist sites. China Expedition Tours rearranged our schedule to make sure that we will not be wasting our limited time on lining up. They also assigned to us an energetic and very knowledgeable tour guide who also spoke English very well. China Expedition Tours’ attention to details made sure that we were able to appreciate the culture and craftsmanship of the Chinese people (which dates back to centuries ago) and to enjoy the mystical Yellow Mountains.

From : Monette Ortiz
Updated :06/29/2018
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