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Liangfengjiang River State Park

Liangfengjiang River State Park is a state class park of Guangxi. Waters around the Mountains, forest in dense, flowers and grasses in flourishing, it, with more than 17000 kinds of rare trees is the biggest garden of tree samples. It is said that the tree can send out Buddhist light and the person who has touched it will get rid of all illnesses. Because of this, many men and women are attracted to be here to burn joss sticks in front of the tree and show their best wishes.

Liangfengjiang River State Park  Liangfengjiang River State Park

 The bank of Liangfengjiang River is very even, so the only golf ground in Nanning is set here. So calm the river is, people can swim, boating, fishing and have barbecue on the bank. The biggest gene storeroom of golden-flower tea was built in this park. Here, the anion content in atmosphere is very high. Coming here from the city, people will feel clear- minded at once. It is a real forest bathroom. In Banyan Resort, there is a banyan blending male and female in together, it is the only one in China.

Location:No.78 Youyi Road,Jiangnan District,Nanning
Entrance Fee;RMB 15
Transportation:Take Bus No.301 at Chaoyang Square and get off at Liangfengjiang.