Three must-go hutongs, insight into old Beijing
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No one could tell the exact numbers of hutongs in Beijing. Numerous hutongs, broad or narrow, long or short, intertwined in the city of Beijing. It is no exaggeration to regard the culture of Hutongs as the culture of Beijing. Beijingers’ deep feelings to hutongs come from their love of family and homes in the alley.

Hutong, as a carrier of the ancient culture of Beijing, has an eternal charm. Beijing's hutongs witness hundreds of years of vicissitudes and historical changes. Here, each hutong is a mirror of history, and each house tells an old story. For those longing for real insight into the old appearance of Beijing's residential buildings, hutong is a must-see. Among all the various hutongs, we recommend you three must-sees: Nanluoguxiang , Yandai Xiejie and Wudaoying.

Yandai Xiejie Hutong

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