Experience 5 Things, Find another Special Guilin
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The scenery in Guilin is the best under heaven. What’s more, Guilin is also famous for the Osmanthus. There’re sweet-scented osmanthus trees throughout the city, between each October, all city’s surrounded by fragrant, from which adds some fun to your Guilin tour. In order to have a better understanding of Guilin, in addition to sightseeing in Guilin, the following five things you should not miss:

1. Enjoy the sweet-scented fragrance under the osmanthus trees.
There’re about 200,000 osmanthus trees around guilin parks, gardens, river, lake, etc. You’ll find it everywhere. Line by line, piece by piece, nestled in the lush thicket of sweet-scented osmanthus, Guilin Osmanthus has become a huge park, Guilin is full of idyllic and poetry.
The best place to visit the Osmanthus Sea is Montenegro Botanical Garden. Besides, Garden Expo in Yanshan, and Seven Star Park are also with large-scale, you should not miss.

2. Fishing in the Li River, is also another parts of the leisure.
3. Visiting historical sites in the King City Campus of Guangxi Normal University.
4. Taste the local Zhuang flavor cuisine.
5. Taste the old brand and traditional Guilin Rice Noodles.

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