Paradise for Foodies, Three Highly recommended Midnight Snack Place in Guangzhou
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Around Midnight, a group of ‘night-owls ‘ in Guangzhou are out on time, they’re going to fill to the full of their greedy desire before falling asleep. Perhaps these foodies give new life to the Guangzhou midnight snack, thus Guangzhou nights start from 9:00pm until 5:00am. Late Night Restaurants in Guangzhou are the carnival paradise for the Youngers. These locations are no longer confined to Yuexiu Road, Qiyi road, or Baoye Road, but beyond the traditional flavor. Let’s go now!

Tianhe District: Mongolian BBQ
Mongolian people's whole sheep feast
It is understood that the ‘Mongolian restaurant’ mutton’s from Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol prairie lamb, excellent preferred varieties, growing lambs at 180 days, compared with ordinary lamb, pure color and delicious tin Mongolian lamb meat layer thick and compact, fresh juicy, no smell, is upscale meat products. What’s more, Yangxiezi, roast mutton chops , the pepper fried sheep face , mutton shashlik as well as roast sheep waist are tasted super nice.
Food information:
Tianhe District, John King Road 56 (north gate near East China Normal University)
Hours: 11:00 noon - 03:00 am

Panyu District : Biaoji Cuisine
Panyu midnight slaughterhouse

As the food is freshly made , longer time-consuming to prepare fresh pork offal porridge, and needed to patiently wait for half an hour , until the blazing pork offal porridge on the table, the smell nostrils , tongue unconsciously licked his lips , pork offal taste crisp , dynamic, and completely without flavor .
Scented classic signature dishes , none other than the Pork guts Fajita , doused in sauce moment , iron creak in dance , with each pig offals same size and cooking time just very refreshing crisp , you’ll love this unique flavor .
Food information :
Panyu Southern towns Xing South Road , No. 831
Hours: 17:00 pm - 03:00 am

Haizhu District: Taoge oysters
The dishes are amazing, with a creative approach and the fine wobble partial, prove to us that the boss is the big truth. The salted chicken wings and the rice water oysters are delicious.
Food information:
Haizhu Xinjiao South (red sand beside the arch)
Hours: 11:00am - 01:30pm

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