Guilin & Cantonese Food Savoring Tour
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Our savoring tour starts in Guilin. You can experience a cruise on the world-wide famous Li River through stunning karst landscapes and taste local special in Yangshuo. Besides, delicious Guilin local snacks are also served. Then come to Guangzhou, be amazed at how many materials are used in the Cantonese cuisine. During this tour, you will not only visit beautiful sceneries, but also savor authentic and delicious cuisines. If you want to relax yourself and taste tasty food, please book this tour.


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Tour Code: CET-GM06 Length:
Cities Visited/Stayed: (Shanghai), Guilin, Guangzhou, (Shanghai)
Highlight Attractions: Li River, Yangshuo, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family
Experience &Features: Cooking class, Rice Noodles, Dim Sum
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Day 1: Shanghai-Guilin

You take a flight to Guilin. Our tour guide will meet you at the airport and you can have arrest in your hotel after arrival in Guilin.

Stay overnight in Guilin.


Day 2: Guilin-Yangshuo

[Li River cruise] is most attractive part of travelling to Guilin. This cruise will show you one of the finest excursions on your tour of China. The journey downstream to Yangshuo offers 30 miles of breathtaking scenery. You will enjoy the picturesque mountains in the 4.5 hours wonderful cruise. You can either sit in the ship or stand in the open deck to appreciate the beauty of Li River during the trip. It is also a good experience to capture the dramatic landscapes that Chinese artists have been painting for centuries. You will have your lunch on the board and the food is the delicious traditional Guilin Local food. Disembark and walk to the West Street, which has received countless international visitors from all over the world and reputed as "Earth Village in China". Today, the 600 meters long street has over 300 cafes, restaurants, hotels art crafts and tourist stores, foreign language clubs, internet centers and Kungfu schools. You can enjoy yourself in the abundance new things.

In the afternoon, we will participate in a [cooking class], which enables you to learn how to cock delicious Chinese food and bring out some delicious Chinese dishes for a [DIY dinner].

Stay overnight in Yangshuo.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 3: Yangshuo-Guilin

We will drive back to Guilin city in the morning. Guilin is famous for its rice noodles, and local people eat it as breakfast almost every day and never get bored. We will start a city tour after a [lunch with some Rice Noodles] in Guilinese Restaurant. The [Elephant Trunk Hill], the symbol of Guilin city is our first stop. It looks like an elephant standing in the Li River and drinking water of Li River. Next we will do to visit the [Reed Flute Cave], one of the most spectacular caves displaying karst geographical formation in various shapes. After the visit, we will continue to the nearby [South China Sea Pearl Museum], where we can learn some knowledge of pearls and have the chance to purchase real sea pearl at competitive prices. In Zhengyang Soup City, we will sip the Duck Soup with Gingko en Casserole. We recommend you to go on a cruise in the city's central area on a water system in the evening, which will absolutely give you a deep impression of Guilin.

Stay overnight in Guilin.

Meals: (B, L)

Day4: Guilin-Guangzhou

This morning we will take a bus to the airport for a flight to Guangzhou. Upon your arrival in Guangzhou, you are transferred to the hotel to rest yourself.

Guangzhou has been boasted for the paradise for eating for a long time, so this is really a time for you to have a taste of Yue Cai (Cantonese Cuisine), one of eight Chinese famous cuisines in Guangzhou. Here you can have the opportunity to eat delicious food with ingredients you have never heard of. After a rest, we head to a local restaurant famous for its Guangdong style: Wenchang chicken, fish maw and mushroom soup, stewed abalone with fish maw. Visiting the [Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family] and the [Museum of Nanyue King's Tomb] are the fowling distinctions for us. The Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family that were built between 1890 and 1894 during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty is the biggest, best preserved, and best decorated ancient architecture existing in Guangdong province. You can arrange your own dinner, and we suggest you to dine in a seafood restaurant, where you can go to the glass bowl to choose swimming fish, crab, lobster, and others and the waiter will take them to the kitchen, you can just drink tea while waiting, and then feast on the juicy and delicious seafood.

Stay overnight in Guangzhou.

Meals: (B)

Day 5: Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a charming city because it can develop as large modern city full of vigor and current fashions while also retains its traditional customs. After breakfast, we go to visit the [Yuexiu Park] where we can see the [Statue of Five Goats], the symbol of Guangzhou City. [Guangzhou Tower] is also includes in our tour list; it is the highest TV tower in Asia where you can have a grand view of Guangzhou city. Later we will come to the [Shangxiajiu commercial street], a very long street with fashion clothing and various commodities displaying in shops on each side of the street. It is a place full of exciting because you can not only purchase some goods at competitive prices but also can see the traditional building style-Qi building. There's a popular saying goes "where there are Chinese, there are Cantonese; where there are Cantonese, there is Cantonese cuisine. So we can see how influential the Cantonese food is!

Guangzhou people like to have Xiawucha in the afternoon,  it is a very popular among the old people and young alike. Our later lunch (Xiawucha) is arranged at Tao Tao Ju Restaurant which is located at the Shangxiajiu Street or Panxi Restaurant which is in a garden. Both of these two restaurants are considered great places for dim sum, the most typical Cantonese snack.

Stay overnight in Guangzhou.

Meals: (B)

Day 6: Guangzhou-Shanghai

You can rest yourself in the hotel until you are transferred to Guangzhou airport for the flight back to Shanghai.

Meals: (B)


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