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Cherry Blossom Festival in Guilin’s Mount Nanxi Park
By: China Expedition Tours Published: 3/22/2013 1:40:40 AM

 Cherry Blossom Festival in Guilin’s Mount Nanxi Park
There will be the Cherry Blossom Festival in Guilin’s Mount Nanxi Park on March 23 this year.
Mount Nanxi Park is located in Guilin, Guangxi. As we all know, Guilin is famous for its scenery and culture, and it is an attractive travel city in China Tours Destinations. With spring’s coming, Guilin shows its vitality and beauty. Mount Nanxi Park is a model scenic spot of Guilin landscape garden. In ancient times, the charming scenery after rains in Mount Nanxi is one of the Eight Scenery in Guilin. In modern time, Mount Nanxi Park is regarded as lover’s paradise, the birthplace of southern longevity cultures, and one tracking point of Tang dynasty and Song dynasty historic culture.
The main attractions in Mount Nanxi Park are as follows. White dragon bridge, which was built over the Nanxi river in 1965, shows the traditional features of China bridge construction. While dragon spring, rated as the best spring in Guilin, is also a special spot. Dragon spring stalactite palace will show visitors splendid natural scenery.
Especially in every year in March, the union of Guilin’s eight colleges and universities will hold the Cherry Blossom Festival in Guilin's Mount Nanxi Park. The festival attracts thousands of local college students, shutterbugs, and many travelers from other places. Every year’s Cherry Blossom Festival has different theme. This year’s theme is “With Love in Spring, Cherry Blossoms in Smiles”. It would be a great opportunity for college students to show themselves, communicate with each other, and appreciate society.
Welcome to Nanxi Mountain Park, you will enjoy picturesque scenery, the sea of cherry blossoms, and colorful activities here.