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Heavy rain hit Fenghuang ancient town
By: China Expedition Tours Published: 7/16/2015 8:47:11 AM
    Days of heavy rain has ruthlessly hit the Fenghuang ancient town, a wind and rain bridge was washed away, power outage occured, and all the tourists attractions were closed.The local government announced that the rains has caused nearly 128,000 people affected, city residents and tourists evacuated. Some travel agencies in China has already changed group trip to Fenghuang into Zhangjiajie or other cities.
    "I now dare not go back to the hostel, I really hope that the water can quickly disappear. " Mrs. Tian, owner of a hostel in Fenghuang said yesterday afternoon.  "From five o'clock in the morning, the county clerk began to knock the door, so we quickly informed our guests to evacuate from the hostel. I dared not to delay, woke all visitors, let them check out as soon aas possible. " "By nine o'clock, everything was done. Then I thought I should go to the ground floor rooms to collect things to minimize the loss. But I didn't realize that the flood has risen high to my buttocks. We had no time to collect things that we immediately escape from the room. "
    Mrs. Tian said heavy rains occured in previous years in Fenghuang, but not like this."It's too crazy, the flood has reached to the window of second floor, a TV set in the room has been washed away."