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"Air Travel Li River" about to start in the coming Chinese Spring Festival
By: China Expedition Tours Published: 11/10/2016 3:45:02 AM
Yesterday, a sikorsky S76 twin-engined helicopter started flying from Xing'an general airport Guilin, to Yangshuo and around the Li river section.With its returning within one hour, it completed the first low-altitude flight travel routes. And it was a great mark of the high level tour programme "air travel Li river" being stepped into the stage of implementation. Tourists are expected to experience this tour route next year during the Spring Festival.
It is reported that on the helicopter, we can have a sightseeing of the beauty of Li river, the famous nine horses painting cliff and a lot of other great views around outside of the window.

And also, Xing'an general airport Guilin, has already finished its basic construction and got the official license.Low altitude flying starts from this month. In the future, the airport will also be aimed at the characteristics of the distribution centre of Guilin tourism, to build tourism aviation network, and the one hour Guilin tourism circle.
One official from guilin tourism bureau said, this very starting of the avaition airport, will further promote the development of high level tourism in Guilin, enhance the comprehensive benefits of locla tourism, and become a new highlight of Guilin international tourism resort.