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NO. 1
Topic or Q&A About: Guilin
4/8/2018 2:37:43 AM Mr. Jan said:
How about the hotels at Rice Terraces? Is it nice to stay overnight there?
NO. 2
Topic or Q&A About: Shanghai
4/8/2018 2:35:19 AM Mr. Enzo said:
Is it possible to go to the water town nearby Shanghai?
NO. 3
Topic or Q&A About: Xian
4/8/2018 2:28:43 AM Ms. Claudia said:
My husband and i are planning to visit China arriving 21 Aug and spending time in Beijing for 4 days, then travel to Xian for the Terracotta Warriors, then fly from Xian on 26 Aug. Could you please arrange a tour?
NO. 4
Topic or Q&A About: Beijing
4/8/2018 1:59:00 AM Mr. Laura said:
Which section of the Great Wall is the originally constructed wall?
NO. 5
Topic or Q&A About: Guilin
4/3/2018 2:01:25 AM Mr. Patrick Lincoln said:
We're planning to visit Guilin in May 2018. We heard the rice terraces somewhere near the city is worthy to see. Is it a good time seasonally to visit there?
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