NO. 1
10/29/2012 8:06:19 PMMs. Jenny Bubble said:
Is this the shortest wall on the Great Wall and is this the easiest walk too? This is our first time in China and we select the Great Wall to visit. What is the weather going to be like in early March? I am going with my husband and my brother.
10/29/2012 8:22:19 PMmonicamo replied:
Many people who climbing the Mutianyu Great Wall would like to choose to take a cable car. Its scenery is more graceful and and few visitors, so you can visit the Mutianyu Great wall more freely. It is a little bit cold in early March in Beijing and the temperature is below 5C,you need to bring some ware clothes with you
NO. 2
10/29/2012 7:30:50 PMMs. Mary Golden said:
Can i visit great wall in late Dec (20-25th)? if not when is the good time to visit?
10/29/2012 8:19:41 PMmonicamo replied:
Hi, I do not think it is a good idea to visit the Great Wall in late December. It will be very cold and sometimes, you may see the snowy days. But if you want to see the snow espcailly, then it is a good time.The best time for climbing is from April to late October.
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