NO. 1
6/7/2018 12:04:56 AMMr. Lee said:
Through this tour, I completely think that I am another Bruce Lee! Master in Shaolin temple gave me some very helpful guidances and now I come back to my country, I practise Kungfu everyday and also, some friends of mine praise me that I am half of a Master! haha……
6/7/2018 12:45:27 AMCarina replied:
Kungfu is a good way to build your body and build muscle. While you practise it, maybe you can think more about it, why it goes like that or how to adjust the breath. Kungfu is not a easy work...
NO. 2
10/17/2012 11:32:58 PMMr. Bond said:
We had a wonderful time with our guides and drivers in China. We were picked up from the airport in a van, which was a relief as we had a lot of luggage and were worried about it all fitting. We went to the Longmen Grotto. Susan was very knowledgable and the carvings were amazing. We went to a local restaurant which we really enjoyed. It was interesting to see how the local's live. Then back to our Hotel which was incredible with fantastic service. In a word, the services CET provided are so great!
10/18/2012 12:21:51 AMSue replied:
Thank you! Your comment will be the great power to us and we will keep on doing to meet your need and provide the attentive services! Thank you, best regards!
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