NO. 1
5/2/2018 7:01:55 PMMrs. Liz said:
Do you have any idea how much time is required to obtain visas?
5/2/2018 7:58:18 PMJoe replied:
It takes about 7 days to 30 days, the earlier the better.Thank you!
NO. 2
9/24/2012 2:23:03 AMMs. Elaine said:
Which satation we start in Chengdu and which station we arrive in Chongqing? And about the station that we arrived in Chongqing, how far is it from the Yangtze cruise starting port? Thanks.
9/24/2012 2:47:19 AMSummer replied:
You can take train from Chengdu train station to Chongqing north train station. The Yangtze Cruise starts from Chaotianmen Ferry Terminal in Chongqing and it is about a 20-30 minutes taxi journey between them.
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