NO. 1
6/3/2018 7:25:32 PMMrs. Joyce said:
These great ancient civilizations have made me felt so amazed. The lifestyles are all so traditional and original. Local people did a great job in preserving those meaningful and interesting customs from generations to generations. The travel guide is very helpful and humorous. My son has made friends with local children, which is a good experience to my children to be open-minded by making friends with children in other nations. My families all love this tour route arranged by you .So thank you very much.
6/3/2018 8:01:22 PMEmily replied:
Thank you for your appreciation. And we also have other routs like China Family Tours, which is specially design for your children and families. And we welcome your families can join us in those tours. It surely is an interesting tour.
NO. 2
10/29/2017 11:52:13 PMRune Jifalt said:
Hi, I'm wondering how the weather will be in the middle of November in the Yellow Mt., especially at the top of it. Will it very cold?
10/30/2017 12:05:39 AMChanel replied:
Hi Rune, thank you for your message! It will quite pleasant to travel to the Yellow Mt. in the middle of Nov. Less people, will be cold in the early morning or at night at the top, so before going, we suggest bring plenty of warm clothes. For more info about the Yellow Mt. please kindly see this page: Have a great day!
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