NO. 1
6/1/2018 1:36:49 AMMs. Annabelle said:
To Whom It May Concern, I want to give feedback on the agent: Alec he has been one of the most helpful travel agents that I have ever experienced. Not only has he been patient with me but he could answer every question I had. I have been sending him one email a day for it feel like forever and most people would not have stayed as polite and friendly as this person. I am happy to have him as a travel agent. Regards
6/1/2018 1:55:33 AMAlex replied:
Thank you very much for your highly compliments, flattered, but I am afraid that I have to correct you for a little bit, my name is Alex, not Alec, truly I am extremely happy that you specifically write this, it is my honor and pleasure to be your advisor, whenever you or your friend come to China, I will always be your services. Thank you again. Best regards.
NO. 2
10/19/2012 2:19:17 AMMrs. Hahn said:
Thank you very much for organizing a wonderful trip for us. We are pleased to offer our recent tour reviews for you: All our guides were very good; the meals were generally very good to excellent. I had read about these places, then to see. For myself how exciting standing at the point of all that history. This is a journey that will stay with me forever, thank you for your patience with me during the past year that it took to complete everything. Thank you once again. With every good wish.
10/19/2012 2:26:58 AMMonica replied:
Thank you for all the praise; it is our honor to be your service. We Chinese people always talk about Chinese painting, and it is true, in China, you would feel as if you were in a painting. Especially in the ancient town, your feelings would be much stronger. Then welcome to join us again, we will take you into the most beautiful Chinese paintings.
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