NO. 1
6/28/2018 8:53:02 PMMr. Nicole said:
I am completely pleased with each of the guides who accompanied me during my visit. All three of them speak very clear English, are knowledgeable about the places, and have very pleasant attitude towards their guest. They are all courteous and very helpful. I think you have very high quality staff in your team. The drivers are also very good and drive safely, though I have very minimum interaction with them. Thank you for a very memorable trip in your beautiful country.
6/28/2018 11:54:16 PMEmily replied:
Hello. Dear Mr. Nicole .Thanks for your comments.
NO. 2
8/1/2013 3:20:45 AMAlex Guan said:
Can we stay in a hotel on top of the Yellow Mountain?
8/1/2013 3:29:50 AMMonica replied:
Sure, Alex, there are hotels on the mountain, but the facilities will be not as good as those in the city.
8/1/2013 6:48:53 PMMr. Black replied:
Yeah, it's more intersting to stay on the mountain than in the city.
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