NO. 1
6/5/2018 8:14:25 PMMs. Brinny said:
After going through this tour, I think I am more local than the natives, haha……
6/5/2018 8:22:06 PMCarina replied:
China is a large country with five-thousand-year history, the culture and the habit of life, all are profound to take time to experience. So we are warmly welcome you to visit China one more time. Best regards!
NO. 2
10/15/2012 1:35:22 AMMr. Daniel said:
From the north to the south, I crossed through China and saw that architectural style is rather diversified. The natives built different houses for the different climates and purpose. What's more, I got the chance to go to the largest city of China-Shanghai whichl amazes me till now! Its modern atmosphere and traditional culture and art!
10/15/2012 2:18:02 AMMonica replied:
Shanghai is the most important metropolis of China, and it just next to the capital Beijing. But the modern architectures are quite outstanding among China, and even in the world.
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