NO. 1
6/5/2018 8:54:55 PMMr. Jachool said:
It is Aamazing! I love Shanghai so much that she is out of my imagination! What a modern metropolis is! If I were not surrounded by the Chinese, it was quite difficult for me to figure out where I am, I would have been to my hometown only.
6/5/2018 9:01:19 PMSue replied:
Hi, Jachool, long time no see. In those days, you were really in China land and you were in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in China, so it is not surprising that you would have that feeling.
NO. 2
10/22/2012 2:29:19 AMMr. Bob said:
These two cities can be the top10 cities in the world in my mind! The cultural Beijing and the modern Shanghai, they grow fastly and prosperously. All changes make China become different day by day and show the strong aspect to the outside world!
10/22/2012 5:55:28 PMSue replied:
Thanks for your high comment! Beijing and Shanghai are both two of the most development cities in China, and they will keep the growth rate to catch up with the most developed cities in the world.
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