NO. 1
6/28/2018 2:39:00 AMMr. Right said:
"The landscape of Guilin is the best of all", that's one saying in China according to our tour guide, she said this saying has been spreading before she or her father even her grandfather was given birth. After our tour on the River Li all I want to say is that your ancestors won't lie to you, this view is absolutely right! I see water floating under the bamboo boat pure as the blue crystal, and the shape of the mountain like an elephant drinking from the water with its long nose. If you come to China and to Guilin, rent a bike to ride around, you will be in that picture right now.
6/28/2018 2:45:41 AMsummer replied:
Yes, there is a saying goes like that "East or west, Guilin is the best, but Yangshuo is much better than Guilin." So we are very glad to know that you agree with that and love the scenery. Best regards!
NO. 2
11/10/2017 1:34:25 AMSabrina said:
Is it too cold to go to China in winter ?When is the best season?
11/13/2017 12:11:29 AMChanel replied:
Dear Sabrina,the best time to come to China depends on which part of China u plan to go,please let us know ,we are always here to help you.
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