NO. 1
5/4/2018 1:07:26 AMMichelle said:
The itinerary looks great, but we don't have that much time for holiday.
5/4/2018 2:00:25 AMChanel replied:
Dear Michelle, how much time you'll stay in China, we could tailor an itinerary for you via email.
NO. 2
10/22/2012 2:32:31 AMMr. Yeates said:
The scenery in Shangri La is breathtaking for a foreigner. I thought the national parks and lakes there were just sublime. The Tibetan people were warm and friendly and I have fantastic photos from there. Seeing yaks close up in the wild was a first for me. Our guides were great. They are quite in tune with what information we wanted and we really enjoyed being with him and he made us feel very comfortable in his company. All the guides managed to speak English very well and we were understood by them all. All guides knew their local areas extremely well and were very passionate about their own local areas. The meals were generally very good to excellent!
10/22/2012 6:06:22 PMSue replied:
Thanks for your comment, we are so glad to recieve you email and the photos enclosed. The extraodinary landscape with a handsome guy, that is pretty good!
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