NO. 1
10/29/2012 1:18:01 AMMr. Peter Alfredo said:
Just a short note to let you know of the wonderful time Jenny and I had on our recent tour organised by you and your company. The service and friendliness from your guide,Sammy, was fantastic. The people of China were always helpful and very friendly and we cant wait to return to see more of your beautiful country. Thank you again for organising such a wonderful adventure for us.
10/29/2012 1:37:28 AMAlex replied:
Hello.Peter. Thanks for the review.
NO. 2
10/29/2012 12:35:18 AMMs. Emma Wander said:
Great Wall of China is always going to be spectacular. This area is really busy though, Summer palace is great place to look round for a few hours. Section from the marble boat back to entrance is very colorful. it is worth the visit.
10/29/2012 1:04:32 AMAlex replied:
hello. Emma. Thanks for your review.
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