NO. 1
12/13/2017 8:54:08 PMMerik said:
In which city we can see the acrobatic show?
12/18/2017 7:12:07 PMMrs. Chanel replied:
Dear Merik,the acrobatic show is in Shanghai ,thank you!
NO. 2
10/31/2012 6:22:35 PMMs. Angle said:
We were happy to take your tour. Thank you for everything. I liked most the meals that you arranged for me.
10/31/2012 6:29:31 PMAlex replied:
It is our pleasure arranging the trip for you and we are so glad that you had a great time with us. If you find the Chinese local meal delicious, maybe you would be interested in the routines we arranged about gourmet, if you get any interest s, you are welcomed to click the website below, (, have a nice day.
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