NO. 1
11/1/2012 12:12:36 AMMr. Isaac said:
My husband and I went on a one day tour of Xi’an, The pagoda and park is worth a visit. We enjoyed most there, the pagoda itself is tilting a bit, it's a lovely site, and I especially liked the gift shop with the paintings. Whatever you pay, the purchase price goes to the site to defray the costs of the monastery. So, if you're lucky, you can negotiate a good price.
11/1/2012 12:27:44 AMMonica replied:
We are so glad that you enjoyed the one day trip in Xi’an, and it is our most pleasure t be your service. Have a nice day.
NO. 2
10/31/2012 11:59:28 PMMr. Jo said:
My group arrived there during the National Holiday. The Museum was packed with people, so much so that the exhibit rooms were stifling hot, a free tip for the future traveller- visiting during off season, however, The enormity and width of the city wall also surprised me. After visiting the city walls at Beijing and Wanping Cheng, I thought I had seen the walls, but this one was much wider. Too bad we had just one-day tour and there was not enough time to rent a bike and ride on top of it.
11/1/2012 12:08:36 AMAlex replied:
In China, national day leads to the gold week when people tend to travel a lot. That’s why The Museum was packed with people, so if you want a quiet trip to China again, we advise a trip in off season, if you want to know some details, let us know, we will do everything to make your trip beautiful and perfect. Have a nice day.
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