NO. 1
11/3/2012 3:09:32 AMMr. Merle said:
Greetings, I am very satisfied with the abilities and attitude of all the office people, guides and drivers of CET. Your company is to be commended for pursue of excellence. In addition, I believe Kunming is the most beautiful city I have visited. There are many breath-taking scenery all around us when we were there, it seemed like we were truly in a picture. Best regards,
11/3/2012 3:17:03 AMMonica replied:
So glad to hear that you enjoyed the whole trip, Kunming is truly a most beautiful city in China; there are a lot of other cities in China, they are different but all owns a mysterious beauty. And you are mostly welcomed to China again, we will arrange you a another breath-taking trip for you, thank you for the review and have a nice day.
NO. 2
11/3/2012 3:02:21 AMMs. Claudia said:
We are home now for a few hours and still full of all the memories, sights and sound of you great country. As experiment travelers and coming from the travel industry, we can fully appreciate your efforts and hard work in organizing our trip that went without any surprises changes or problems. It is tough to find one highlight of all the places we visited, they are all very specials and magnificent in their own ways. We had the greatest time on the third day during the trip, thank you again. Please give my regards to all your staff and thanks to you all.
11/3/2012 3:13:53 AMTiffany replied:
Glad to hear that you are home soundly now, and it is always our pleasure to be your services, if you are up to China again, we will always ready to make you a whole new trip. Thank you very much and have a nice day.
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