NO. 1
10/16/2012 12:50:55 AMMr. James said:
Before I just knew that in China there is a thing called Kungfu, and whatever showing on the screen, we just knew that that is Kungfu! But now I want to say that Kungfu is just a general name. Bruce Lee was good at nunchakus, Zhang Sanfeng was the master of Taiji and Shaolin temple teach Wushu, Nanquan and Beitui and so on. Through this tour, I really learnt a lot!
10/16/2012 2:08:03 AMMonica replied:
Kungfu is just a general name and it has many specific items. Maybe, you can go China again to learn more about them. Best wishes!
NO. 2
9/25/2012 12:27:29 AMMr. Craig Hawker said:
At Luoyang, no matter where we go, we could see many people training the Kungfu and we had the chance to experience the birth place of Chinese legendary Kung Fu, Shaolin Temple. And in Xi’an, it impressed us deeply not only for their size but also for their vivid figure. And everything was perfectly coordinated: the air tickets, the pick up at the airports, hotels and visits. Definitely we received a great service from China Expedition Tour.
9/25/2012 1:00:05 AMAlex replied:
Thank you for comment, we will send you some information of China tour at regular time and welcome to login our website to get the news of China tour, best regards!
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