NO. 1
11/5/2012 2:02:55 AMMs. Jamie said:
Hi Monica, Firstly, A very big thank you for all your efforts in pulling together all the hiking tours and hotels, we couldn’t have had a better holiday. I was very satisfied with our tour. We loved Kunming and it is somewhere I would like to come back and visit again in the future. Thanks you very much again for arranging our holiday and I am recommending China expenditure tours to everyone that I see when I tell them about my holiday. Regards,
11/5/2012 2:08:17 AMMonica replied:
Thank you for your comment and we are so glad that you had a great time and it is truly our pleasure to arrange another trip to Kunming for you, hope to meet you soon. Have a nice day.
NO. 2
11/5/2012 1:56:39 AMMr. Vivian said:
Both the wife and I thought the tour was all that we expected. This was the first time in Kunming and only had a few days to explore. What stands out with us was the fact that Kevin considered our pace and worked with us to receive the maximum amount of tour visit as we could handle. The tour service gave us confidence to use your service the next available time we have to explore China. Thank you very much.
11/5/2012 2:11:10 AMMonica replied:
Thank you for entrusting us the trip. You and your wife are mostly welcomed to China, if you have any advices or any requirements, please let us know, thank you very much and have a nice day.
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