NO. 1
10/30/2012 6:15:56 PMMr. Marks said:
I didn't spend too much time here, because I was in Sanya for only 1 day. But coming from Indonesia where there're lots of beautiful tropical beaches (both developed and wild ones), I can say Yalong is beautiful but it is not worth a special trip to Hainan if you come all the way from a distant place. There are many other better ones in SE Asia.
10/30/2012 7:42:32 PMSue replied:
Thanks for your comments, best regards! Welcome to China again!
NO. 2
10/29/2012 1:38:44 AMMrs. Yvonny F said:
It's crowded with families and tourists, but it's still the best beach in China. You can read and relax under an umbrella from one of the resorts or swim and jet ski all day. Seafood BBQ and a coconut drink help make this a nice way to escape.
10/29/2012 2:22:31 AM replied:
Yes, it is a very relaxing resort and charming place!
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