NO. 1
10/30/2012 6:26:15 PMMr. Richard Bred said:
Another iconic venue that a tourist must go. It's a place to make a wish and admire the history of Macau. Next was the museum, very very educational. Can really understand the Macau maritime history. All the display had description and even though it was not too big but can spend at least 3 hours. Strongly recommended.
10/30/2012 6:54:34 PMse7en3 replied:
Welcome to China again! Thank you!
NO. 2
10/29/2012 1:31:23 AMMr. Helin H said:
A-Ma Temple, I would rate this the best temple we visited on our travels in Asia. In one respect you felt that you were intruding as there were large numbers of worshippers. However, I appreciated being able to visit. The smell of incense was wonderful and it was interesting to see the large coils of incense burning.
10/29/2012 2:15:49 AM replied:
It is our pleasure. Thank you, best regards!
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