NO. 1
10/18/2012 1:57:37 AMMs. Doris said:
Hi Alex, I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I have been very busy at work. Each of one our guides were great. Linda in Shanghai was a great start to the trip in China. She was very polite and friendly, and gave us great information on our tours. Excellent! Lucy in Guilin and Yangshuo was great. She always trying to make sure we were having a great time and did not miss anything. She was so accommodating. Excellent! You have some very talented guides working for your organization and you should be very proud. Thanks again for a great trip! And by the way I would highly recommend to everyone the trip to Guilin, it is very interesting. And your company did an excellent job during the trip, thank you very much.
10/18/2012 2:01:06 AMAlex replied:
Dear Lily, you are really kind to write to us after work, we greatly appreciate your compliments, always proud of our staff, especially the guides; they are hardworking, professional and interesting. And thank you for the recommends, GUILIN is definitely an excellent travel spot with endless surprises, welcome to CHINA, and welcome to GUILIN.
NO. 2
10/17/2012 11:18:14 PMMs. Tracy said:
I returned to the UK yesterday from a 10 day visit to China, and I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience. To sum it all up - we loved China, and we loved both Lily and Fan, who ensured that we all had the very best of times. If we are lucky enough to return to China for the 2013, it would be wonderful to think that Lily and Fan might again be our guides. Beside the services you provided during the trip, the view in Guilin impressed me most, and the minority’s people are all hospitable and interesting, we had a really great together. Thank you and kindest regards. You are always welcome to contact me for advice.
10/18/2012 12:12:14 AMMonica replied:
Dear, thank you for the highly recommends, we would love to keep in touch with you,. We have passed the greetings to Lily and fan, they were happy that you enjoyed the trip with them and they said that they would really love to be your guide again. The year 2013 is a great time visiting China, then we will have a lot of wonderful routines setting for you, check our official website, if you get any interests, please contact us, we will always be your sincere service. Best regards.
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