NO. 1
8/24/2013 6:50:19 PMJohn craig said:
China ancient town tour, s that a private tour? How much for 2 people in October 2014 Can we add 2 days in Hngg Kong? 4 or 5 star hotels?
8/25/2013 9:59:44 PMMonica replied:
Hello,John.Thanks for your question. We can provide private tour in China Ancient Towns. The tour can be cusomized with adding two more days in Hong Kong. I will send you the itinerary and details in my next email to you.Thanks. Best Wishes, Monica [email protected]
NO. 2
10/19/2012 2:00:37 AMMr. Fred said:
Tiffany, I want to thank you very much for arranging our trip. It was flawless. Everything was in place at the scheduled times as we arranged it. We enjoyed your country very much. For me, it was the trip of a lifetime. The people were very respectful and thoughtful. The country is beautiful and the national treasures such as the Ancient villages and towns near Shanghai and Huangshan, Porcelain and china town, they were incredible. Thank you for your services, Best regards,
10/19/2012 2:12:56 AMTiffany replied:
I am glad that you enjoyed the trip with us. The ancient town tour are specifically arranged for the people interested with Chinese ancient culture, which is also the most special and historical one. What’s more, we have a lot of other kinds of routines waiting for your explore, look forward to meeting you soon, best regards.
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