NO. 1
10/19/2012 2:02:09 AMMs. Dolly said:
Dear Alex: thank you very much. Overall I'd like to say thanks for a great trip. It really couldn't have been more amazing. I loved it and will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues and anyone interested in seeing more of China. This was a “trip of a lifetime” Thank you,
10/19/2012 2:13:19 AMAlex replied:
You are welcome, it is really our pleasure to be a part of your visit in China, and we are glad to hear that you enjoyed it, moreover, thank you for you recommends, and we will always be you and you friends’ sincere services.
NO. 2
10/18/2012 11:50:26 PMMs. Alice said:
Greetings, I was very satisfied with the service that CET provided. You did an excellent job of making sure we had what we needed even to the extent of following up when we were in china. The tours, land, and air more than fulfilled our expectations. I hope to return for another visit next year. I’d like to see Chengdu, Xian again, and parts of china that are close to the Tibetan border. Because the service was excellent, guides well-informed, everything went like clock-work, and the cost was reasonable, I will use CET again. Thank you. Cheers!
10/19/2012 12:41:25 AMSue replied:
Greetings, thank you for entrust us your trip to us, we will always be your sincere service. As to the requirements you made, we are happy to arrange to you, next year is definitely a great time to visit China, and our advisor would soon work out a best routine for you ,we will contact you once they finish, thank you again for your trust, best regards.
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