NO. 1
10/15/2012 7:16:33 PMMr. Akon said:
Hutong in Beijing, Shikumen in Shanghai and some architectures in Shanxi province, let me know more about the Chinese architectural style in old time. They are very characteristic but what is the same is that the people designing their house were in order to adjust to the climate, so it is quite different from the north to the south, and even from the east to the west!
10/15/2012 8:40:44 PMCarina replied:
China is a country with large area, so the climate is quite different and various. People build their house by adjusting meaures to local conditions.
NO. 2
10/8/2012 12:49:40 AMMr. Joe Galdies said:
The driver in Beijing and Xian were very good they got out of the car to open the door for you. A few drivers got lost sometimes, but we did not mind as we saw more of China then we were meant to. All cars were very clean and warm. Hotels were great, the one in Shanghai was in walking distant. The guides took photos of us so you can use any of them, yes you can put us on your website, we would like to thank you, CET, for giving us a great holiday we would forward your website on to anyone going china.
10/8/2012 1:00:13 AMSue replied:
Thank you for comment, we will send you some information of China tour at regular time and welcome to login our website to get the news of China tour, best regards!
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