NO. 1
10/8/2012 8:40:27 PMMrs. Leona said:
I was born near the beach, so I like the sands, like the ocean. And this is my first time to visit China, thank you CET for giving me the chance to make a so close touch to the sea of China!
10/8/2012 11:37:55 PMSue replied:
Thanks for your comment. I am long to go to the seaside in your country and go to the famous Hawai to enjoy the sunshine!
NO. 2
9/24/2012 7:40:30 PMMrs. Rose said:
Travelling to China to experience another kind of honeymoon is a great idea!
9/24/2012 8:03:24 PMSue replied:
Our CET has designed many routes of honeymoon, so you can choose one of them to prepare your honeymoon tour or tell us some information then we will design one for you.
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