NO. 1
10/8/2012 1:31:20 AMMrs. Vagnetti said:
Dear Sirs, we've just came back from China and we must thank you for the remarkable enjoyment we got, especially in Guilin. In particular, I had a little accident a Guilin Airport and guide Mr. Kun supported me more than I expected! Beside expertise, all guides transmitted their pride and their love for their countries to us. Besides, I really enjoyed the ancient town landscape in Longsheng Minority Villages as well as the specialty which my friends appreciate them too. Briefly, thank you very much. My compliments. Best regards.
10/8/2012 7:16:29 PMAlex replied:
We are sorry that the accident happened to you, let we know if we can do something helpful. The ancient town trip is the exactly for the ones who are interested in the Chinese culture. We are glad that you like it. Thank you again, and look forward for our next trip together. Best regards.
NO. 2
9/28/2012 1:03:54 AMMrs. Athena said:
I have just returned home from the trip. I had a great time in my first trip to China. During the journey, I had chances to visit those famous ancient towns in China to experience their different sceneries, customs, architectures and cultures. What impresses me most is the delicious local food. With the guidance of the local guide, we paid a visit to a family, and the host showed us around the small town to appreciate unique beauties there. I appreciate his kindness so much. I love Chinese people and the life style there; I really wish that I could spend more time in those ancient towns.
9/28/2012 1:05:53 AMAlex replied:
I am happy to learn that you had a great time in China. And welcome to explore more exciting things about Chinese ancient town in the near future.
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