NO. 1
9/24/2012 6:39:46 PMMr. Hetziweg said:
Excuse me, I want to get some information about the Hypoxia problem in that high altitude. Because I had have hypoxia, i want to know that it is suitable for me to go there and ride? A.S.A.P. Thank you
9/24/2012 7:05:48 PMSue replied:
Yes, some places in Lijiang and Shangri-la are at a high altitude and at that condition, it is not suitable for the normal people to do sports because we need to keep our breath in gentle and cost less oxygen. Would you please give us more information about what you want in the China tour and we could help you more considerately. Thank you, best regards!
NO. 2
9/20/2012 7:51:30 PMMs. Vera said:
Thank you so much for keeping in touch and for your kind greetings. I have been travelling again on business and just returned from Paris. BUT … Europe doesn't compare to the extraordinary sites, sounds and learnings that I experienced in China that you so thoughtfully planned for me. Everything worked out exceedingly well, and I had the opportunity to do and see many things at just the NY pace to which I am accustomed. I am most grateful to you and your outstanding staff. The journey was an exciting joy from start to finish, and one of the highlights for me of the year 2012. I look forward to travelling with you again. With appreciation and warmest best wishes!
9/20/2012 7:53:23 PMSue replied:
Hi, Vera. Greats thanks to your reply. We are also looking forward to your next china tour with us again. Best regards!
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