NO. 1
11/1/2012 12:14:18 AMMr. Kent said:
The Terracotta warriors excavation site is enormous. There are 2 very large covered pits with the lines of warriors, horses, and equipment arranged as they would have been when originally placed in the tomb complex. In addition, there is a museum with a chariot and a standing movie type experience (however, it is in Chinese without subtitles so you need to use your imagination). The site is amazing and I would strongly recommend. However, Oct 1-8 is the National annual week long holiday and it was so crowded that you had to muscle your way through to view the warriors. Would suggest that you go in late Fall for the nice weather but try to avoid that time period.
11/1/2012 12:28:09 AMAlex replied:
Thank you for the recommend, we are really glad that you enjoyed your time there, and also thank you for the tips, I am sure people who are about to travel in China, would definitely think over it and pick a perfect time tripping to China, thank you very much and best regard.
NO. 2
11/1/2012 12:00:35 AMMrs. Jay said:
Just amazing what the archeologists have done and how much is still being found and worked on. Pit 1 is huge and very impressive.
11/1/2012 12:08:57 AMTiffany replied:
Terra-cotta Warrior is definitely a must go place in Xi’an, even in China, we are really glad that you enjoyed yourselves during the trip. Have a nice day.
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