NO. 1
6/6/2018 1:53:27 AMMrs. Heather said:
The profound culture of Xi’an attracts me a lot. I am planning to pay a visit to Xi’an recently. I am interested in shopping, so can you give me some tips about shopping in Xi’an? Thank you.
6/6/2018 2:13:49 AMsummer replied:
Xi’an is a great place to do some fantastic Chinese souvenir shopping, especially for cultural items. Some excellent offerings specific to Xi’an include: Chinese calligraphy rubbings, Tang pottery replicas, Terracotta Warrior replicas, Folk paintings, Folk paper cuttings and Green porcelain.
NO. 2
5/23/2013 5:27:04 AMLorraine Kerr said:
Please price this tour based on a standard start date 30th September
5/23/2013 7:02:09 PMMonica Mo replied:
Hello. Lorraine. I will check out the price and send you later.Thanks.
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