NO. 1
6/6/2018 6:25:51 PMMrs. Irma said:
Jinshanling Great Wall is an excellent experience in my trip. It is difficult to climb, while splendid views on the top of it make it very worthy to manage to its top. It is one of the "seven wonders in the world". Chinese people are so brilliant and brave to build this magnificent architecture. I like Chinese people. The guide is very responsible in arranging everything so comfortable for us. I like the hotel very much. They provide excellent service.
6/6/2018 6:44:05 PMJeccica replied:
It is our pleasure to make sure our visitors have a pleasant trip. The routes arranged by our agency are all very interesting because we take different needs of our customers into consideration. Welcome back to China again.
NO. 2
9/27/2012 6:50:52 PMMr. James said:
I have generally praise for Guilin Bravo Hotel; usual good amenities, staff friendly and helpful. Location is good though didn't have time to explore the area. Western restaurant served quality food, good choice and service excellent. Care needs to be taken when taking breakfast as there is a western and a Chinese restaurant - usually hotels provide both menus in one restaurant. Luckily the staff on the door explained that we were at the Chinese breakfast. I love the meal arranged for us, which represent delicious Chinese food to me.
9/27/2012 7:11:22 PMAlex replied:
I am glad that you love the hotel arranged by us. And thanks for your appreciation, we welcome you join in more tours in our agency.
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