NO. 1
6/4/2018 1:58:19 AMMs. Alisa said:
Please know now that I was generally very impressed, and certainly very satisfied with all of the aspects of the tour you arranged for me and my wheelchair assisted mother. All of the stops we had in Shanghai were excellent. I travel to China on business several times a year, and the restaurant choices generally made us feel that we were eating with the locals. In both Guangxi and Shanghai the guides were excellent. They were a fountain of useful, interesting and relevant information. They offered useful answers to our questions as well as plenty more information. I found all the guides pleasant and comfortable companions for our tours and all seem to have excellent knowledge. Certainly up to, if not exceeding, my expectations. Thank you.
6/4/2018 2:14:02 AMSue replied:
Great thanks for your compliments, and we are always ready to be your service. And the thanks message had already reached them, also thank you for your working with us. There are still various similar and different routines we are ready to lead you to, you can choose each one them. Contact us if you are interested. Hope to see you soon.
NO. 2
10/19/2012 2:05:20 AMMr. George said:
Hi Sue, Overall I was happy with the itinerary. We had four different guides and they all had a good attitude, we will recommend your company to our friends. We would like to express our thanks to your company and all the people involved in the organization of our tour in China. We had a beautiful trip, very relaxing and had no problems anywhere. We enjoyed specially Guilin, Huangshan Mountain and the best was Wuyuan. Perhaps we missed to have some free time to get into the subway and have more contact with Chinese everyday's life. We would highly recommend your tour to our friends in Colombia. Thank you for everything. Kind regards,
10/19/2012 2:13:47 AMSue replied:
Happy to hear that you enjoyed your trip with us, and it was and will always be our pleasure to arrange the trip for you, you are always welcomed to China again, As for the regret you mentioned above, we could help you to make it up next time you visit, cause we have a lot of routines involving accessing to the Chinese daily life, look forward to meeting you again.
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