NO. 1
6/6/2018 12:46:16 AMMr. Claudia E said:
We are at home…… I want to thank you for the wonderful tour and your work for us. All was perfect: the hotels, the guides, the drivers, the flights and the hotel. I'm very happy to have visited the southern part of China, the landscapes are fantastic and the people are so friendly.
6/6/2018 12:53:48 AMSue replied:
Please allow me to say that again, welcome to China, the northern part of China is waiting for you! Thank you, best regards!
NO. 2
6/5/2018 11:47:38 PMMr. Web said:
I honestly agree that Yunnan is completely a touristic province! From the first stop Kunming to the last stop Shangri-la, on the whole way, I thought that all the things were like the gifts that made by that God! The mountain, the lake, the village, all the things are in the very perfect place! How miraculous!
6/6/2018 12:36:55 AMSue replied:
Yunnan is worthy of the name, touristic province. And we always recommend it to our distinguish guest for Yunnan is really a place must-see!
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