NO. 1
6/6/2018 8:07:13 PMMr. Top said:
This is the first city that I have visited. And it gave a good impression. I think Hangzhou in China is beautiful city and it has many attractions. I like the most is the West Lake. It is great. I also like the Chinese food. The breakfast that provided in Hotel was also delicious. Thank u Alex for leading me and introducing me a lot.
6/6/2018 8:16:05 PMAlex replied:
How delighted I am, it is long time no see. It is my pleasure. Welcome to China again!
NO. 2
5/17/2018 8:59:00 PMMr. Zotoz said:
Dear Alex, This trip was an amazingly, well organized holiday that we enjoyed tremendously. We definitely were very happy with the arrangements made by you and we greatly enjoyed our holiday. Because we did not have to rely on anybody else (like in a group tour) we had one of the most comfortable and enjoyable holidays we have had. The biking made us feel great! We can enjoy the scenery and do exercises at the same time. Thank you very much to you and your colleagues for the wonderful arrangements. We had a fabulous time on the trip and look forward to visiting China again very soon! Best Regards, Victor Zotov, Australia
5/17/2018 9:11:19 PMAlex replied:
Thanks, Zotov. It is our pleasure to have the chance to help you to make another China tour again and I am looking for your inquiry. Best wishes!
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