NO. 1
5/22/2018 1:39:40 AMMrs. Robert said:
Dear Sue, We had a fantastic trip in China and are very satisfied with the service and particularly noticed the guides' superior command of knowledge when we listened in on other tour guides. Emily, our tour guide in Chengdu spoke good English, always addressed us with our first names and made sure we enjoyed our time by inquiring about accommodation and our food wishes. Speak of food, we really enjoyed the Mapo Cheng Tofu, really good. Of course we won't ever forget holding the adoring the landscape in Tibet. The ability to fully customize my tour with a good driver and English speaking guide going at my pace were what I was looking for.
5/22/2018 2:03:22 AMSue replied:
Thank you for your highly compliments. We are always ready to be your service. What’s more, Mapo Tofu is well known throughout the whole China, even the world,especially the Cheng’s. As we all know that China has vast territory and abundant resources. So it is the same with the food. Each place has its own special and delicious food, so welcome to China again and taste the unique food along with us. Best wishes.
NO. 2
1/30/2018 8:13:25 PMBora said:
Would it be possible to arrange some local Chinese restaurant to us?
3/9/2018 1:53:40 AMCtang replied:
Dear Bora,you may get some informations of the local Chinese Reatautant by your guide.Thank you.
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