Great experience with China Expedition Tours

I have been in Beijin, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai.
I had a fantastic experience. The chinese culture is very different.
Monica mo (from agency) provided to me a nice itinerary and also answered all e-mail queries immediately.
All guides and drives are very kindly and helpul.
I liked to much all hotel (good service, nice food, location), except hotel in Xian (cold water shower). Some hotel have wifi only at lobby.
All guide help me wiith extra information.
I have no hesitation recommending China Expedition Tours. My special thanks to Monica Mo and guide Lisi
Adriana S. - From São Paulo - Brazil

From : Adriana S.
Updated :01/31/2018
  • Customer: Adriana S.
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Travel Date: 18/03/2017 -
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Amazing Guilin trip planner

We had wonderful time traveling around Guilin, just as my wife said, Guilin was such fascinated place that we would love to spend the rest of our life there, green hills and clear waters ,friendly people and beautiful scenery, it is just so perfect. Planed by China Expedition Tour, we discovered marvelous the Longsheng rice terraces, splendid project of wisdom. And Li River cruise was also amazing, Elephant Trunk Hill is full of history and we can not help to take photos there in memory of such lovely place. And story about Fubo Hill is compelling, our guide is humorous, she shared with us funny story without reservation, we spend pleased moment with each other, I just say she is so great. China Expedition Tour is so helpful and professional, we gonna miss their work team and miss Guilin, such pretty city.

From : Erikas Petrikas & Ilona Petrikiene
Updated :01/31/2018
  • Customer: Erikas Petrikas & Ilona Petrikiene
  • Nationality: Lithuania
  • Travel Date: 19/03/2017 -
  • Itinerary: Guilin
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