Popular Attractions in Shenyang

Shenyang Imperial Palace
Shenyang Imperial palace is an excellently well-preserved cu...
Fuling Tomb
The Fuling Tomb also known as the East Tomb.It is the mausol...
Zhaoling Tomb
Zhaoling Tomb (Northern Imperial Tomb) is also called The Be...
Zhongshan Square
This square is the centerpiece of downtown Shenyang. A massi...

Optional Attractions

9.18 Museum
Japan launched an unprovoked invasion of Shenyang on 18th, S...
Museum of Zhang Xueliang Former Residence
Gen.Zhangs mansion is one of key cultural relics under natio...
Xinle Remains
The site of ruins is situated in yellow soil platform along ...
Qipanshan Scenic Area
The Qipanshan Scenic Area is located 17 kilometers northeast...
Meteorite Mountain Park
Shenyang Meteorite Mountain Park is in the southeast of Shen...
Strange Slope
The strange slope is located 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from...
Shenyang Botanical Garden
Shenyang Botanical Garden was built in 1959.It is located in...
Shisheng Temple
Shisheng temple was built in 1636 during the Ming Dynasty. a...
Ci’en Temple
Cien Temple is the most important site for Buddhists in Shen...
Liaoning Provincial Museum
Liaoning Provincial Museum is located in Heping District of ...

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