Popular Attractions in Yinchuan

Western Xia Tombs
The mausoleum is one of the largest and best preserved imper...
Haibao Pagoda
Haibao pagoda, also known as the North Pagoda, standing for ...
Sand Lake Tourist Area
The endless desert in the south of the lake shows you broadn...
The Helan Mountain
Meaning "fine horses" in Mongolian, the Mt. Helan ...
Gunzhong Pass
The Gunzhong Pass is a beautiful area that is a part of the ...
Chengtian Temple Pagoda
The pagoda is located in Chengtian Temple in the southwester...
Baisikou Twin Pagodas
A pair of ancient pagodas stands at Baisikou, east foot of H...
Nanguan Mosque
The Nanguan Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the Ning...

Optional Attractions

China Precious Art City
China Precious Art City is located in Zhenbeibao, Yichang. I...
Shapotou Scenic Area
Shapotou Scenic Area is located in Zhongwei City on the sout...
Gaomiao Temple
Guaomiao Temple is located in the north of Zhongwei County, ...
Qingtong Gorge Tourist Area
Qingtong Gorge Tourist Area is located in Qingtongxia City.T...
108 Pagodas
108 pagodasare the largest existing pagodas complex in China...
Mt. Xumi Grottoes
Mt.Xumi Grottoes is one of top ten grottoes in China and one...
Great Wall of the Past Dynasties
Ningxia, known as the Museum of the Great Wall in China, boa...
Guyuan Museum
Located in Guyuan County, the museum is an imposing ancient ...

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