Yangming Cave

Yangming Cave was named after a famous Ming-dynasty philosopher and educator, Wang Yangming(1472-1529). He is highly respected by the people of Guizhou as a sage; Wang was a native of East Chinas Zhejiang province and a court official.

Yangming CaveYangming Cave

Yangming Cave, a limestone cave where Wang took residence when he first arrived, is located on a slope of Qixia Hill.1.5km from Longchang Town Many inscriptions, including one are preserved in the cave According to legend, the two ancient cypress trees at the entrance of the cave stemmed from Wang's time.

Many historical sites related to Wang can be found in Guizhou. In Xiuwen County, under the title of Yangming Cave, there are a series of such spots, including the cave itself, Helou Tower, Gentleman’s Pavilion and Lord Wang's Temple.

The present Lord Wangs Temple was a structure rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty, which went through a major renovation in 1979. Gracefully decorated in an ancient cultural style, the temple holds a courtyard with houses on each of its four sides. There are many carved tablets and inscribed horizontal boards, as well as a sculpture in the image of Wang Yangming. During World War II, Zhang Xueliang, a general of the Kuomintang army who insisted that the army should fight the Japanese invaders rather than the Communists, was kept under house arrest here.

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