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Peak Flown From Afar

Peak Flown From AfarIt is just opposite to the Lingyin Temple. The Peak Flown From Afar is a 209 meters limestone peak, which was said to fly over from India and set here. An interesting legend goes that, in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, an India monk-Huili visited the hill and noticed it looked exactly like one in his own country,Huili insisted that the peak had flown over from India and set here.

Near the peak is Peak Flew From Afar Cave, on its slope and inside the caves are more than 300 stone Buddhas carved during the period of the Five Dynasties to the Yuan Dynasty (907-1368A. D.). The stone figures appears in a variety of poses, standing, squatting, sitting and sleeping. They are national cultural heritages which are under the protection of the national government.