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Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village

Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong VillageSweet osmanthus tree is an evergreen tree native to China. Since Ming Dynasty, Manjuelong Village boasts for the osmanthus trees. The osmanthus season falls between late September and early October. Its flower are tiny, bright yellow and intoxicatingly fragrant. At the right season, the air is even heavy with the sweet scent. In 1984, the osmanthus tree was chosen as the city flower of Hangzhou, and therefore it was listed in "New Ten Views of West Lake".

In summer, Water Music Cave situates at the edge of Manjuelong Village.The path in the cave is parallel to a happy, gurgling stream which meanders into a pond at the entrance. The sound of stream water is just like a natural lute playing. A short distance above it, there is Rosy Cloud Cave which has been designated for province protection. It is named from the view at sunset with the smoke rising from chimneys from Manjuelong Village just below.