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Xihu Tiandi

Located at the southern bank of West Lake, Xihu Tiandi is a leisure destination embracing the deep history and culture of the city of Hangzhou. Combining the superlative natural beauty in this area with modern living elements, Xihu Tiandi aims to create a public space. Boutiques selling international brands, up-market restaurants serving variety of local flavors, bars fill the area. 

Xihu TiandiXihu Tiandi

Capitalizing on the area's stunning natural beauty, Xihu Tiandi's designers innovatively combined modern elements and Hangzhou's traditional garden architecture by perfectly utilizing large-scale glass, which allows the setting's natural wonder to be fully on display for visitors to enjoy year-round. Virtually anywhere you place yourself at Xihu Tiandi, a glorious view of the West Lake scenery presents itself before you.


At night, aleisurely walk around this area will prove a surreal experience for you. Most of all, it is one of the best place to enjoy the night scenery of the West Lake.